Sunday, May 22, 2011


   I'm glad I don't have a credit card, I certainly cannot be trusted with one. But there are times where I wish I had one, simply for the purpose of buying things online. The selection is so much more diverse and original than the stuff you find on the high street. I know it's sunday and the ten commandments do say something along the lines of 'do not covet thy neighbours somethingsomething' but sometimes I can't help myself.. Might make this into a Sunday series, who knows? :D

   Anyway, down to business. As soon as I saw Vintette's shop on Etsy I fell in love with almost everything on it... oh woe is me and my lack of cash! Here are some of my favorites from her collection:

Ahhhh the locket even opens. WANT.

I just...NEED it.

Images courtesy Vintette

This post has got me thinking... might do an earring tutorial next.. :)