Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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 I am overcome with excitement for next week. So overcome that it is spilling out in the form of a blog post. Next week I am flying to one of my favorite places in the entire world, London :D (as you may have guessed by that darn good photo up there..). I have been there multiple times but it's still a novelty. I feel... at home when I go there, I don't know why. It's amazing that I should feel particularly at home anywhere, considering I have moved around quite a lot compared to many Irish people (in truth, I only moved to Ireland for the first time when I was 16, which makes some people question the validity of my nationality but that's another post for another time).

   I did live in England until I was four, in Oxford, so that could contribute to my particular affections for England (scandalous, I know, surely I, a good Monaghan lass, should be completely against Britain blah blah blah :P ). And while my penchant for potatoes continues as strong as ever, I can't help but feel a longing for the streets of London, or the green fields of oxfordshire, the pubs, the villages and of course, Nando's.. (nom).

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   Don't get me wrong, nothing can beat the ridiculousness that is Ireland and it's odd little quirks. I can't get enough of it and it will always be my home. But sometimes you just need a change, you know? :D

   Anyway, next week I shall be jetting off to London, and I plan to spend all my money there :P Yes I shall become a hermit when I return due to lack of funds, but I can live with that. I have made so many lists of what I want to do in London since I booked my flights that poor ol' rgf is getting slightly worried... I have tried to work in as many free things as possible to leave sufficient funds for all the shopping I plan to do... :D When it comes down to it, it is actually cheaper to buy clothes from some shops in England rather than their Dublin branches. River Island, for example, completely rips of the Irish public with their own imaginary exchange rate that makes sure people are paying almost double what they should be for, let's face it, quite poor quality clothing (although it is gorgeous, there's no getting away from it).

Oxfam's boutique in Westbourne Grove, London.
 Pic courtesy of  telegraph.co.uk

   I also plan to go to a lot of charity shops however, as quite a few are rumoured to receive a large amount of designer cast offs :P And of course the famous London markets like Portobello and Camden (although the fact that I shall be going in the middle of the week means that the selection of shops and stalls will be limited compared to the amount open on a saturday and sunday.. ). So I shall return penniless, but happy. I will just have to spend the next 3 weeks bathing in the glory of my purchases!

If anyone has any suggestions of some must see places or events in London, please comment and let me know! :D



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