Saturday, May 21, 2011


I went shopping in town on wednesday, so I thought I would show you what I bought! Of course, the original plan was for my friends and I to get the bus to Ikea (mainly for the yummy food), but her maj the Queen is in town at the minute, completely messing up all public transport :/ We gave up after an hour of waiting for the evasive 140 bus and instead walked into the city centre to console ourselves!

The first place we headed was, of course, Penneys! Although after walking around for a good bit I didn't find as many things as I thought I would, and so came out with just this lovely coral-y coloured top (above, 7 euro). It's floaty and a bit see through and it's preeetty :D

   After a lot of wandering around we ended up in the Jervis Centre on Henry St, one of my favorite places to shop as it has almost everything you could ask for, and anything that's missing is right across the street :D While browsing through the maHUSive New Look something caught my eye. It was an almost exact replica of a dress I had seen in Miss Selfridges months before but as it cost 70 euro (!!) I decided against it (I did go on to try it on every time I was in the shop though). When I took a closer look at its New Look doppleganger (the only difference was the material) I got excited, only 36 euro! Of course, when I tried it on it didn't fit... But it give me the idea to just run across to Miss Selfridges on the off chance that the original was on sale, and guess what...? It WAS. Even cheaper than the New Look version at 25 euro (22.50 with my student discount). As a size 6 it is a struggle to get into as the material has no give whatsoever but once on, it's so comfortable! I do have to buy something to go underneath though as it is disgracefully low cut, but I don't care, I'm in love! <3

   The next thing I actually bought last week but I thought I would include it anyway as I haven't stopped wearing it since! It's this gorgeous necklace from A Wear, I think it was 10 euro but they are doing a buy one get one half price deal on jewelry at the moment so it's worthwhile going for a look. I had a hard time deciding between this one, one with gold headphones, or a gold bicycle (I love bicycles, I just don't ride mine very much :P)

  This last one isn't something I bought at all, but something I found. We recently moved house and as I was sorting through boxes I came across this dainty little gold watch. It turns out it was given to my mother as a 21st birthday present. It needs a new battery but I'm not too worried about that, it just looks so beautiful anyway :)

Laura and Julie (little did we know that we would be waiting for a bus home for almost an hour. Damn you queen lizzy).