Monday, May 23, 2011

How To: Earrings

   This is a very simple earring tutorial, almost self explanatory but I thought I would put it up anyway :)
I bought the charms a few years ago in Leeds, but they have sat in a box since, so I thought I would put them to good use! To make these earrings you will need:

  1. Round nose pliers 
  2. Charms
  3. Earrings 
  4. 1 Jump Ring (I forgot to put this in the picture but you'll see it later, don't worry!)

Step One: Take the first earring and open up the ring on the end (where you will put the charms later). Don't uncurl the loop, but instead pull the end towards you (i'll include a picture!)

Step Two: Next, loop your charm onto the the open ring, and close it up again by lining it up with the rest of the earring.

Step Three: Now you have one earring finished! My earrings are mismatched (cos I like it that way) so I'll now show you how to put on multiple charms to one earring. This time, don't bother opening the loop on the earring. Instead, open the jump ring using the same method as in step one. (That down there is a jump ring m'dears. Fascinating, I know).

Step Four: Loop the charms you'd like to use onto the jump ring, and then loop the earring on as well.  Close this up the same way you did with the earring loop in step two.

And voila, a lovely pair of mismatched earrings... I really love the cutlery, delightfully odd.

Good luck!