Saturday, May 28, 2011

TAG: 8 Most Worn Things! :)

   Right, already I've grown a little lax in my blogging. Where as at the beginning I blogged with such a sense of gusto and enthusiasm that made sure my boyfriend (from now on to be known as the RGF*) could play PS3 without complaints from me, it has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. The last couple of days I have been...busy lazy. There's no getting away from it. Mostly, I've been tackling the problem of where to put my camera so I can take proper outfit of the day pics but sadly I am still searching (though not quite as actively as I should be..). I think I am also overcoming the fear of putting myself and my style out there for all the world and its mother to see. So, while I silently battle it out in my head, I decided to put up this tag to avoid awkward silence ;)

And so, let's get to it. (oh look, rgf is straight back at the ps3 again. Surprise surprise)

8 Most Worn Things

1.  Lipstick:  This one is a bit tricky as I don't really wear lipstick that often... I need to get up at half 6 in the morning in order to meticulously paint it on to my lips, desperately attempting to get it looking neat and presentable... and when I finally do get it on, right before I leave the house I feel so self conscious that I take it straight off! Terrible I know... But anyway, I shall get over it.  

I've decided to do both my favorite, though rarely worn (not from lack of trying mind you) lipstick, and my most worn lip balm instead! The lipstick is Revlon's Wine Not, a gorgeous matte colour... I decided I simply had to have a matte lipstick after watching Averunk's videos on youtube (ahhh I love her). 

The lipgloss/balm stuff is a Born Lippy from The Body Shop. Not sure what the name of this one is as I conveniently dropped it down the side of my bed after taking the picture, but it's the raspberry one :) The smell is what makes me love this, not what it does to my lips... I could eat this. I did have 2 but I gave one to my friend just because he loved the smell so much.. We won't talk about him, he's a bit odd..

2. Earrings: While I do have my ears pierced, and I used to have a different pair of earrings every day of the month, this is no longer the case. They aren't a part of my daily routine anymore so I thought I would do my most worn rings instead :D

I wear these two everyday without fail, I don't really take them off. The silver one is a ring a bought in Prague. I had bought one while I still lived there but lost it so when I went back on a school trip I bought a replacement :) It's silver and green amber with a beautiful art nouveau design.

The second ring used to belong to my mother but she stopped wearing it and gave it to me. It's a gold wishbone ring (named after it's bent shape, like a wishbone, bet you couldn't guess that yourselves, could you??). I like it because it's just a little bit different.. :)

3. Deary me I've written much more than I planned to... woops. Anyway, on to Nail Polish! I'd love to be one of those girls who has perfect, ever changing nails. However, I am much too impatient and lazy. I simply can't sit still long enough for it to dry and so I always attempt to open a packet of biscuits, wash the dishes or change a tyre 30 seconds after painting them. But whatever. (Ok, no, I don't actually change tyres. Or know how to change one. Or how to  drive for that matter. But it was for dramatic effect, now shh).

The one I do wear when I can be bothered is almost always Mint Choc Chip from the 17 collection in Boots. Dirt cheap and purty :D

4.  Top: Choosing this one was quite difficult, so I decided to just look in my drawer and see which one was on top. I wear tshirts all the time. This one is from River Island (on sale, and 4 sizes too big, just how I like it). It's an off white, baggy racer back top in quite heavy material, with different famous buildings printed on the front. It took me a while to realise that it wasn't a picture of Paris, as I should have know by the picture of Big Ben looming out over the rest. But I did notice eventually, and that is the point. Anyway, it can be worn with everything, and covers all manner of sins (food babies for instance. You all know what I'm talking about, so stop looking around as if you've never suffered from it..)

5. Bag: I'm a self confessed bag lady... I can't go anywhere without one. But I rarely change bags, when I get one, I stick to it until it dies a painful death and falls apart. I got this one in Awear (on sale, surprise surprise!) and it's just the right size. Instead of walking around with a backpack (even though it is a lovely stylish one) like a tourist as I have been doing for the last year, I now finally have a nice 'respectable' bag as my mother likes to call it. Well thank the baby jesus for that, my nana won't disown me after all.

6. Shoes: Ahh shoes, how I love thee. But as much as I love them, I find it very hard to find a pair that are perfect. Well, to me anyway. They never seem to have the right proportion, or real leather etc. When I saw these boots it was love at first sight. I have a thing about boots, and very specific requirements (mainly in slouchiness). They may have killed me for the first week but now we are old friends :D

7. Perfume: I'm not really a perfume girl. I have one perfume and I'm sticking to it. Givenchy Very Irresistible.  I discovered this one when I got it as part of a set of mini perfumes one christmas years ago. But I have a hard time spending a lot of money on one thing so I didn't go out and buy it right away. Then, a while later, my friend went to Mexico and offered to pick it up for me at a discounted price! Unfortunately it is all but gone now, I'm saving the last few drops for a special occasion. My friend will be returning to Mexico this summer so I'm going to try to get it again :)

8. Hair Product: I'm sad to say that I'm not really big on hair products. Shampoo and conditioner is usually as far as I will go. When I used to have long hair however, I couldn't get enough of this: 

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*When asked how he would like to be referred to on my blog, his response was: Ridiculously Good Looking Fellow. And so, RGF was born.