Monday, June 6, 2011

Come Fly With Me.. 8 Tips For Packing Light!

Hopefully that plane can take the weight of all my shoes..
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   This post is building off my last one, but aimed at anyone who has suffered the stress of obeying the rules of carry on baggage!

   Because I'm going away this week I've been obsessing over what to pack... The high cost of checking in a bag (40 euro!!) combined with the fact that Aerlingus have become even more strict on carry on baggage means I have to be extra careful when deciding how much to bring! Packing my clothes for 6 days (including a wedding) into a tiny suitcase is not easy.. But I think I finally have it worked out, so here are my tips for packing light!

As you decide what to bring, lay it all out on your bed so you can see everything as it builds up.

Decide on a basic colour palette. This may seem over the top but it really helps when deciding what you don't actually need. For example, I'm sticking to navy, grey and red, with a couple of floral things thrown in (don't want to be toooo dark and depressing :P ). It also makes sure you don't bring a collection of clothes that don't go together!

Go through each day of your trip in your head and pack accordingly. Do you really need 10 tank tops for 5 days? I think not.

Don't get bogged down in the 'just in case'! If you are heading somewhere touristy, it is very unlikely that you will be needing 6 different pairs of high heels in varying shades of black. One will do!

With the clothes you've chosen, try to mix and match outfits between them. You should be able to match almost anything, meaning you don't have to pack as many individual items in order to come up with enough outfits!

Ok, shoes... This can be a tough one because shoes can instantly dress up or down an outfit, and you don't want to appear under dressed at a fancy restaurant simply because you only brought trainers! One pair of heels is usually enough, and one pair of walking shoes. I'm bringing a pair of boots as well in case I have to walk around in the rain, and that is it.

Right, so you've chosen everything. Make sure you have a few accessories to go with it (don't over do it though!). One belt should be enough, along with a few necklaces (of varying styles, no need to waste space being redundant).

Finally, see if it fits in your bag! Make sure the bag is within the limits specified by the airline you are flying with, in both size and weight. You can find this information for Aerlingus here and for Ryanair here.

As an example, here's what I'll be packing for 6 days in London :)

1 pair of jeans
1 skirt
1 pair of shorts
2 leotards
3 tank tops
2 large tshirts (to layer over tank tops)
1 pair of black tights
Maxi dress (for the wedding)

That should fit into one tiny suit case right...?