Sunday, June 19, 2011

❝Cowgirl King of the Rodeo, Let the Good Times Roll❞

On Friday night I went to a party. Not just any old party, a party in barn (officially called the piggery). :D 'Yeah yeah' you may be thinking, 'you live in Ireland, surely that's the norm.' Well... not in Blackrock, Co. Dublin it isn't. The only reason it's still there is because it's owned by an artist who uses it as a studio. The party is held every year at the beginning of summer, and all the neighbours are invited along with everyone and anyone! Ryan Tubridy even made an appearance.

 The walls were hung with the artist's paintings, both finished and unfinished, and fairy lights were strung between the beams of the roof... Old films were projected onto a cloth screen on a wall above the band, although I did spend most of the night transfixed by the silent action above than the music down below! The floor was filled with mismatched tables, chairs and sofas, with a space left for dancing. And in the corner? A makeshift bar with free beer. (I'm not a beer drinker myself but I could understand my friends' excitement when they saw it).

The whole night felt like we were on the set of a Bulmers ad, it was gorgeous!

The band: Hot Chicken

RGF, Jane and Luke (oh and a Conor on the side)

I meant to get a picture of my outfit but my camera died, but it was just a floral Topshop corset, skinny jeans and high cowboy boots (I figured they fit the setting :P ). 

Can't wait till next year :)