Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Debs Dress With A Difference

I loved my debs (the Irish equivalent to the prom), but sometimes I wish I had been slightly more daring in my choice of outfit. I didn't start looking for months in advance as most girls do, and any time looked at a price tag of over €100 I would drop it immediately... I don't know why, my mam would have bought it for me anyway! I just have a problem spending so much money on something I will only wear a few times. On a wedding dress, fine, but a debs? Not so much. 

Anyway, I found a dress one day that I loved, and after leaving it a while to see if it would go on sale (praying it wouldn't disappear), it did, and that was that.  Let me tell you, if it weren't for my sister's superior eyesight I would never have found the dress in my size that had been hiding on me for weeks, the cheeky little minx.

So, this post is aimed at finding affordable, gorgeous, and slightly different dresses, so that you can stand out from the crowd of girls all dressed in varying shades of black and cream satin (I was one of them.... *sigh*). If you're good, I'll even include a picture of my own debs dress from 2 years ago, but you have to behave! Now, let's get to it (oo er)..

I decided to look for debs dresses on... well, non debs dress sites. All you get there are your typical debs dresses that we've all seen before, yawn. Variations of floor length satin gowns with different cut outs and diamonte embellishments, but essentially the same. These tend to be more expensive, so off to the high streets of online shopping we go!
£15 (!!)
Yes, for 15 pounds you can't expect quality, but this is all just to get you thinking outside the box people! A strapless debs dress is hardly ground breaking (although mine was one of the few at my own debs), but the sequined body and floral skirt make this an altogether more exciting ensemble.


Ok so this one is slightly over the budget I would aim for at €230 but dear lord, LOOK at the thing. I want. I need. I crave. The silhouette isn't one you often see on the average debutant. I love the sleeves, they make this dress special. 

For the more demure among us, I give you this beautiful piece: 

Awear, €64
You don't often see navy in amongst the dresses hung carefully on padded hangers in the typical evening dress shop. Certainly not amongst your peers when you actually arrive at the debs (unless of course, navy is on trend, in which case half the girls will turn up wearing the same colour as your good self). 
I do love the flower detailing as well, it's big but not in your face.

If even floor length is to cliche for some of you, or simply too girly, there are plenty of short evening dresses that easily rise to the occasion.
Asos, €108
Asos, €160
If you can't decide between short or long, why not go in between? God knows the midi skirt is bang on trend, and it means you can still feel formal without tripping over the ends of your dress (mine has a few holes along the hem by now!). I love the boyish feel of the black dress, but I think it's still very appropriate for a debs. Who says you have to conform? :P

And finally, the dress I wish I'd worn to my debs! 

Ok so I couldn't find the exact one I wanted but something along these lines :) The retro design is exactly what I love, and can you imagine dancing around in it? That's the thing about floor length dresses, they just aren't really made for twirling.

And, just cos you've been lovely, here is a picture of my own debs dress (which was lovely too, in it's own way)

I can't believe that was almost two years ago now... Weeeird. So, there you go, a few debs dresses to get you thinking. Don't be afraid to stand out from the rest of them, I mean, that's what we WANT right? :D