Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me Me Me - A to Zeeee


I'm here watching Will and Grace (one of my many tv guilty pleasures) and reading some blogs and came across this! So I thought I would give it a go :) 

Age: 20, and already on mid life crisis number 2 (wherrrrre is my life goooing etc)
Bed Size: single but soon I shall have a lovely single and a half (fancy I know)
Chore you Hate: Hmmm, doing the dishes I think/
Dogs: One psycho, Harley
Essential start of your day: My phone (doubles as an alarm)
Favourite Colour: Green
Gold or Silver: Silver usually but recently I've bought a loooad of gold stuff..
Height: I like to say 5'4 and a half :P
Instruments I play: I have taken lessons in both piano and clarinet but they didn't 
last long! Now I learn guitar on and off...
Job Title: It's very unofficial so we just make up our own title! Technically I guess
 I'm an activities coordinator for an English summer camp.
Kids: Nooope
Live: Dublin
Mum's name: Rosemarie
Nickname: Feefa, feefs, faffleypop, bandit, jaime
Pet Peeve: Repetitive noises and people fidgeting... incidently RGF's favorite pastimes
Quote from a movie: "No noose is good noose!" (Men in Tights)
Right or left handed: Right... how mainstream
Siblings: A younger sister and a younger brother
Time you wake up: Wellll it's summer so whenever I like :D
Underwear: La Senza aaaand Penneys :D
Vegetables you dislike: LEverything except potatoes, which my mother says don't count..
What makes you run late: Having to search high and low for bus money..
X-rays you've had done: Arm and my ankle.. wasn't terribly exciting actually
Yummy food you make: Brownies from a packet...And pasta bake :D
Zoo animal: Tigers :D I really want one... or a red panda