Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I Want To Do This Summer... hopefully.

I have let almost 2 months of summer holidays go by and so far achieved nothing! So I decided to write down a list to see if it helps.. plus I just LOVE lists.

I have a job at a summer camp for kids to come learn English, starting in July. The job requires you to live there with 2 nights at home a week, so my plans have to fit around this but I think I can manage! We don't start work until one in the afternoon so I have the whole morning free, as long as I get up (which didn't really happen last year...).

So here is the beginning of an ever expanding to-do list!


✄Buy a dslr camera, and learn to use it
✄Start making jewelry again
✄Learn how to play guitar (other than that one Paolo Nutini song!)
✄Write a song or two
✄Learn to drive
✄Will my hair to grow faster
✄Save my money!
✄Start exercising (inc jogging... well, we'll see)
✄Draw more
✄Read more books
✄ Participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge (If you have a blog 
check it out, it looks hard but it'll be fun :D )

and probably a lot more that I can't think of right now.... I'll let you know how it goes anway :P