Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Sales - A Love Hate relationship

Even Harry Potter gets excited about sales...
Sorry, saw it here and couldn't resist ;)
  I will be the first one to admit that I'm a sucker for a sale. When there are sales on, I don't even go near the full price clothes. But I probably spend more money because of it. Something along the lines of 'Oh, it's 7 euro down from 15, absolute bargain, I'll take 5 of them thanks.' Doesn't matter that they are 3 sizes too big and that I haven't tried them on either...

  As well as that, I buy things even when I'm not quite sure about them because they might not be there the next day in my size, and that would be a disaster. The result? An empty wallet and a sad Aoife.. Even though I am happy with my stuff obviously :P There are good and bad things about the big sales during the year, so, I thought, why not make a list? Everyone loves lists. Well, I do anyway.


Cheap clothes!
It's finally ok to buy those mad trousers because hey, they only cost a tenner.
Being able to buy that dress you've had your eye on for weeks but couldn't afford until now.

That's all I can think of.. wow, maybe sales aren't that brilliant after all :P

Now for the Cons:

MESS. Is it just me or is River Island the worst for this?
They have those shorts you wanted in every size except yours.
All shoes are a size 3. (Which is fine for people like my sister, but for me and my ol' size 5's, we just have to stick to what we have... sigh)
All sale stock just looks a bit... lame, compared to the new stock, even though you were drooling over it last week!
Huge queues at the fitting rooms and check out. (Or, as in a lot of River Island stores during big sales, the fitting rooms aren't even open) ... it's starting to sound like I hate RI in particular now isn't it..?
We are all overcome by the need to buy any bargain, no matter how ridiculous or ill fitting. 'It used to be 50 euro, now it's 20!!'  

Favorite sales: Penneys. Yes I know they are cheap already but they reduce things to one euro (!!)
Worst sales: River Island (purely for the mess, the discounts are grand though!)

... and the worst thing about sales? My empty wallet. Sob.


Florida Gardener said... Best Blogger Tips

My mother rolls her eyes when I tell her I buy clothes at Salvation Army. Hey, they are better quality than Wal Mart. I am with you though that I spent probably too much money buying "cheap" stuff. But I love it.

Aoife (a.k.a feefs) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Florida Gardener

I love second hand shops too, but there are some things I've bought that I have yet to wear! The price is what makes me buy it, not how much I like it :P