Friday, August 26, 2011

❝It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.❞

Isn't it beeeeautiful? Carry on sized luggage - Penneys, €24

  So, today I'm off on a girly weekend to Bath... Sorry, sophisticated lady weekend :P My friend Julie and I are heading off to Bath, the home of Jane Austin (♥), to... well I'm not sure really. We are going to walk around, take pictures with our stupidly large cameras and have afternoon tea (well I will, Julie says she will just have a scone.. her aversion to hot drinks baffles me). I was going to show you what I packed but the logistics of laying it all out on my bed plus having to clean my room for the picture put me off the idea. So instead I decieded to list them, and show you a picture of my gorgeous new suitcase :D (psst, that's it up there ⇑).

 I have a thing about shoes so I'm bringing 3 pairs (flats, boots, heeled boots)... ridiculous I know but I'm a 'just in case' kind of girl. After that though, the packing is minimal!

1 bandau skirt
1 dress
1 pair of jeans
3 leotards (2 strappy, handy for under things, 
and one long sleeved)
1 blouse
1 tshirt
1 light cropped jumper
1 large jumper

As I mentioned in my packing light post, a colour theme always works when trying to pack a carry on case! So I have kept everything black, cream and wine coloured.

In terms of makeup I'm just bringing foundation, powder, mascara, 1 lipstick and my Bobbi Brown travel brush set. :)

I have managed to squeeze a fairly large handbag into the suitcase as well, take that Ryanair! 


The Kooky Crumb said... Best Blogger Tips
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Aoife said... Best Blogger Tips

Hello lovely! I found you through Julie :) I am also called Aoife :)

Yay! Hope you had a nice time in Bath!

Have a nice weekend :) x

Aoife (a.k.a feefs) said... Best Blogger Tips


haha hi Aoife :P I had an amazing time in Bath, hopefully get some pictures up soon :D x