Saturday, October 8, 2011


   My friends' 21st was on last night and they decided to have a masquerade theme (the best kind of theme I think!). I couldn't afford to spend money on a mask/didn't think any of them were worth it so I decided to paint one on ;) So here is a Fotn i guess? But more extreme! 

I practiced the night before just using what I had at home. I changed it a little then on the day and I think it turned out really well! Here's what I used:

For the black I used a Benefit Cake Liner, and it worked perfectly, you only need one layer to make it a nice matte black. I have tons of beads in my house so I decided to just use some pearly seed beads to define the edges and make it more 3D, stuck on with eyelash glue. The feathers were from a hairband I had from Penney's, and I left the eyes simple with just black liner (after this picture I added on some fake eyelashes too).

I was happy at how it turned out, and it did take people a few seconds to realise it was painted on ;) Unfortunately I forgot my camera (like an eejit I know) so I've no pictures of everyone else's masks but we all looked very mysterious! :P

Now, I'm off to bed, got sleep to catch up on before my birthday tomorrow (!!), good night!


Vicky said... Best Blogger Tips

This is gorgeous! Great job and Happy Birthday! x

Aoife (a.k.a feefs) said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks! It was a bit of a pain to get off though :P x

claire said... Best Blogger Tips

That is amazing! Looks so good! xx