About Me

So... That's me up there, as you may have guessed. I'm a 20 year old Irish girl currently living in Dublin. I'm lucky enough to be studying Production Design (for film, tv and theatre) in college. Other than that I don't lead a terribly interesting life! I set up this blog in the hopes of doing something productive with my summer, and just because I've wanted to do it for ages.

  Though the title of my blog may lead you to think that I am an incredibly stylish person with my eye on all the latest trends, this is actually not the case, and I'm sorry if I disappointed you but ah well, sure that's life and you'll get over it. I do hope, however, that by continuing this blog I will eventually be the stylish, avant guard person I long to be, and maybe this is the push I need... That does sound ridiculous and a little bit shallow actually, doesn't it..?!  But I do believe that personal style is a part of who you are, and can give you the confidence to walk straighter, look people in the eye, and do things you never could do before. I mean, who doesn't feel just a LITTLE bit more gorgeous when wearing a pair of the perfect heels? Or walking down the street in a denim jacket and meticulously scuffed trainers thinking, no one's going to mess with ME.

  Yes, style is an extension of your personality, but it is also an opportunity to dress up and escape from your own life, even for a moment, and become whoever you want to be, and that's what I love about it!


p.s if you come across the term rgf in your wanderings, it is referring to my boyfriend, who wanted to be known as 'really good looking fellow' so I had to abbreviate it :P